Floral design services 

(Canadian Residents Only)

Not feeling so pinteresty?

Let the pros design 

your artificial flowers

for your big day!

How does it work?

1. Choose your bridal party size.

2. Choose your accent colour.

3. Make your deposit.

4. Sign and return the contract.



8 Person Bridal Party


1x Bride Bouquet 

1x Groom Boutonniere 

3x Bridesmaids Bouquet 

3x Groomsmen Boutonniere 

4x Parental Boutonniere 



1x Bride Bouquet 

1x Groom Boutonniere 

4x Bridesmaids Bouquet 

4x Groomsmen Boutonniere 

4x Parental Boutonniere 

12 Person Bridal Party


1x Bride Bouquet 

1x Groom Boutonniere 

5x Bridesmaids Bouquet 

5x Groomsmen Boutonniere 

4x Parental Boutonniere 

A La Carte Options

Bridesmaid Bouquet




Throw Away Bouquet



all packages require a 50% deposit to secure your  desired month of delivery


Shipping on all floral designs is extra. See sample shipping rates below. 

you will receive your exact shipping rate with your contract. 


Toronto $30.00
 London $32.71
Sudbury $41.30
Montreal $28.61
Charlottetown $48.00
 Vancouver $45.20
Whitehorse $124.40
Regina $45.17
Winnipeg $40.26

What are my colour Options?

We can mix any flowers or colours that you find on our site, please feel free to email, text or Facebook Message us a photo of your inspiration. Additional charges may apply for custom arrangements. 

This is an image of our standard bouquet and all bridal bouquets will be approximately this size.  You can change the colour of the champagne/blush roses (as pictured above) to one of the colours below or send us a photo of your inspiration! (Additional charges may apply for custom arrangements).


Lilac Pink



If no accent colour is selected and/or no photo inspiration received, our standard bouquet will be included in the contract - you can change your mind within 5 days.

Delivery Times

You choose the month you would like your artificial floral package to be delivered and we will deliver it by the 31st of the month. Getting married in October? Choose September. Getting married in December? Choose August! We don't care. We do only take 3 contracts per month, so don't delay in booking your date. We encourage clients to take the next available date so they can get their flowers ASAP, start getting even more excited and cross one more thing off the to-do list!


You will receive a contract by email with the full terms and conditions, exact shipping rate and colour option within 72 hours after submitting your deposit. If the contract is not signed and returned via email within 5 business days you will be refunded your deposit and the spot re-opened for other couples. 

 You have 5 days to change your mind! 

If you are having second thoughts, you have 5 business days for a worry-free, hassle-free refund.

If we can't commit to your inspiration, you'll receive your entire deposit back. 

Want to chat?

We get it! These decisions are hard.  

That's why we offer a 5 day, no questions asked, grace period. We'll give you every single penny back if you want to cancel after reserving your dates.

 If you're still not convinced and want to chat with one of our friendly floral designers, just send us a quick email, text or phone call.