Why You Should Choose Faux Flowers Over Real Flowers

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Ladies, listen up! The average bride spends over $2,000 on real flowers, according to The Knot's 2014 survey. Weddings are expensive, and while fresh flowers are nice - we have to argue that you can do some incredible things with faux flowers that your guests won't even know the difference and save yourself thousands of dollars.

are fake flowers cheaper than real flowers

Also, if we can be honest - your guests won't only not know, they also won't care - only you care.  Think about what $2,000 can get a girl these days:

  • A down payment on a car
  • A french bulldog
  • 400 Starbucks grandé lattes (yes, four hundred.)
  • An all inclusive trip to a 5 star resort in Mexico for a week for one person

We think we've made our point.  Couples start to think in "wedding bucks" rather than regular bucks and our perception gets tilted quite easily in the wedding planning process. Listen to us. Two 👏 thousand 👏 dollars 👏 is 👏 a 👏 ton👏 of 👏 money.

Costs aren't everything though - this we know. What about time, convenience and selection? Below is our top three reasons, other than cost, on why you should consider artificial florals and greenery for your event.

1. Time.

The DIY Bride knows that her time is worth a lot right now, and the more she can get done now, the more she can relax and enjoy later. If you think it's fun to make 7 bouquets and 7 boutonnieres the day before you get married, plus everything else you have going on, plus the anxiety and stress you have - you're wrong. 

Using artificial florals allows you to get the exact bouquet you want, and get it done months in advance. Check one stressor off for the week before the wedding!

2. Selection

Ladies, you are very much stuck with what's in season and what your florist can get in for you - you want burgundy and blush in the middle of summer? Good luck, that's going to cost you.  Peonies bloom once a year and have a very small window.  Peony farmers invest thousands of dollars to farm them.  Take it from us, artificial peonies look even better than real ones, and no one will know the difference.  

3. Creative Process

You can make some amazing hanging floral designs following a number of tutorials on Pinterest or your own creativity.  Arbors, archways, balloon garlands.  This can all be done well in advance and you can take your time to ensure it's exactly what you want or use the time to figure out how to do it properly.  Try figuring out an arbor with fresh flowers the day of your wedding and see if you don't end up in tears. We dare you. 

Convinced? We thought so. Now let's talk about costs and selection.  Do not run all over your city trying to find what you see online. Not to mention, do not pay $16-18 per peony stem or $36.99 for a piece of artificial garland. Stop, drop, and order these high-quality inexpensive artificial flowers to your door from Florals for Less. You have enough going on looking for centerpieces, table numbers, donuts and tasting food.  Just find the flowers you want through Florals for Less, check some other boxes on your list while you wait for them to come, and then get creating the second they turn up on your doorstep. You will feel so good knowing the direction your wedding is going months in advance and be rested and excited for your big day!

Have experience using faux flowers or greenery at your own wedding? Leave us a comment below!



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