Unpacking Your New Florals.... for Less

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Everyone loves getting a package in the mail right?! We do too, but when you receive your flowers there are a few things you should be aware of to get the best results from your Florals for Less experience. 

1. Flowers may come folded and require you to unbend the stems. 

florals for less artificial peony review

2. Flowers might be a little squished from their airplane ride.  Give them a day or so hanging upside down and blast them on low with a hair dryer. Wrinkles, folds and flatness should reside with some persistence. Large leaves can be pressed between books or a flat iron on low heat if required. Remember, if they can be bent into that shape, they can be bent out of that shape. 

hair dryer on lowuse a hair dryer to rejuvenate artificial flowersflorals for less artificial peonies


3. Greenery may have fallen off in their travels. We're sorry! The mail-people can be so cruel with packages sometimes.  These florals have gone through a lot to get to you in some cases.  Gentle twisting of leaves and branches back into shape and/or popping fallen branches back on should have them looking like new. 

If you're still unsatisfied after taking these steps, be sure to contact us at so we can find a positive resolution!


-The Florals for Less Team

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