2019 Wedding Floral Trends

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According to, weddings in 2019 are going to be a little different than the ones you've attended in recent years.


hottest floral trends for weddings 2019

The noticeable difference in floral trends are:

1. Deeper Colours: You can expect to see deeper colours next year rather than the pastels and muted, rustic colours of previous years.  Navy, purple and dark burgundy colours can be expected!

2. Hanging Florals: Ohhhh the beauty of a simple hanging floral piece. It looks breathtaking to guests and is incredibly simple to make. Believe in yourself and the power of Pinterest!

3. Dahlias: Who knew? Dahlias have always been amazing, but their multi-dimensions and texture have them trending upwards for 2019. Luckily, Florals for Less has them in stock in a variety of colours so you don't have to pay premium prices at the florist

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