Step Toward The Perfect Jewel Toned Wedding

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Step One: The Engagement

You just said YES to the love of your life... how exciting! After all the hustle and bustle of savoring the moment and sharing the news with your family and friends, you wonder... What’s the next step? You’ve been adding to your Pinterest board since the day you met and have shared your favourite ideas with your new fiancé but have you considered the newest trend; a jewel toned wedding theme?



Step Two: The Date

 As you think about the perfect date, you may have a season you and your partner love or a date that is special to you both in your relationship. When you begin to research, you will notice that certain colours match well with certain seasons or specific themes that match your venue. Luckily artificial flowers have risen in popularity taking away the restraints of choosing a flower that is in season and allowing you the freedom to choose whatever colour scheme you please  regardless of season or venue.. and there are a lot to choose from.


Step Three: The Colours

 jewel tone wedding colour palette

It is recommended that you and your fiancé choose a colour palette in the early stages, as it will play a key role in many aspects of your wedding planning. If you’re looking for something unique, bold and romantic the jewel tone colour palettes are becoming more popular in the wedding industry. These tones include (but are definitely not limited to), amethyst, emerald, lapis, and wine, and are the colours that you and your fiancé will most certainly be able to agree on.

Why Jewel Tones?

Wedding planning website,, labels these tones as, “Fit for Royalty”, and we could not agree more. This theme not only includes a variety of gorgeous colours but also works well with many different wedding styles.They are colours that can be intertwined, changed, and paired with staple tones on your day, such as white, gold and/or silver. Jewel tones are often rich and moody; colours that flow nicely with darker or softer tones and help to tie together every part of your special day. Having these tones integrated into your wedding day will leave an impact on your guests and leave a beautifully bold statement in your photos.

Jewel Tones & Florals

Your choice of wedding florals is definitely another meaningful decision in regards to your wedding planning. In addition to your beautiful self in your gorgeous dress, the next thing your guests will be drawn towards is your bridal bouquet.


You want to be holding something that is memorable and ties your theme together. With your brilliant choice of jewel tones for your wedding, The Amethyst Mood Bridal Bouquet Package is the one you need by your side (figuratively and physically). It has those gorgeous moody purples and pinks that will flow effortlessly with your colour palette and more importantly, add to making you feel your best on your special day. Choosing this package will give you confidence in quality, style AND the winning recipe when it comes to your wedding flowers.

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