Peonies... Year Round! Why peonies are the perfect wedding floral.

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With their large lush blooms and vast colour options the Peony is a long time favourite of brides.

They’re luscious, chic and offer all the fullness of Hydrangeas, but with an extra touch of elegance. There is so much more to the classic Peony than just their pretty petals.

Native to Asia, Peonies were first used in Chinese medicine. The Chinese word for “most beautiful” translates to “Peony,” so it makes sense that they are known to symbolize beauty and love.

Since making their way to Europe and North America Peonies have taken on the symbol of a happy marriage, prosperity, good fortune, riches, honour, and compassion.

Peonies come in all shapes and sizes to fit in with most wedding themes and colour palettes. They give off a soft and romantic feel, which makes them the perfect flower choice for any bridal bouquet.

Peonies can also define the shape of your arrangement. Due to their round form, they can add curves to any bouquet—they can even create a circular base for a cascading arrangement.

Ranunculus, anemones, and roses are the most popular flowers to pair with Peonies while dusty miller and eucalyptus are the top choices for greenery. They are fabulous for bouquets, centrepieces, cake décor, flower walls and pretty much anywhere else you can imagine.

The only downfall to peonies is that they’re seasonal, with peak time being May and June.

This is where we come in – with a range of artificial Peonies that look just like the real thing you wont have to plan your wedding around the seasons.

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