Micro weddings.. a necessity of the times or a glimpse into the future?

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With 2020 forcing the majority of weddings to postpone and 2021 looking uncertain, couples are seeking safe alternatives to move forward. 

As restrictions constantly change and safety now a main concern, a trend is emerging with couples opting to scale down their big day.. In numbers, not experience.

We’ve all felt the effects of 2020 in one way or another, with the wedding industry being hit hard. Couples postponing countless times, vendors losing huge revenue, venues having to come up with alternate options and the list goes on. Amongst all of the frustrations and disappointments a trend has emerged, a hopeful move in the right direction, the birth of the micro wedding. 

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These weddings are generally under 50 guests, are socially safe and with following public health guidelines unfortunately do not consist of the ‘party’ portion of the night. However not all is lost, what these weddings may lack in numbers and dance floors they more than make up in ambience, experience and creativity. 

Think gorgeous greenery draped across personalized table settings, custom signage throughout, a thoughtful and entertaining program where all guests feel directly included in the couples journey. It’s intimate, unique and deeply personal. 

‘As a wedding coordinator and #Covidbride myself I recommend to couples to sit down and think what makes them them? What is unique about their relationship and how can they share that with their guests?’ shares freelance wedding coordinator Lisa McNulty.

‘Consider the 5 senses and what can be done to heighten the senses. For example a signature scent in the form of candles, a tasting menu paired with the couples favourite wines or a local acoustic musician playing the couples favourite playlist throughout the entire event, rather than just during the ceremony. Think outside the box.’

Technology is also playing a large role in these smaller soirées, with couples opting to live stream the ceremony for those guests unable to attend. Screening video and photo loops throughout the night. Asking guests to sign a virtual guestbook and to upload their own pictures from the event and coming up with unique hashtags to document their day on social media. 

However you choose to move forward with the big day, options are available to make the day uniquely yours. Although the current climate can be scary and times are a little uncertain love will always win in the end.

Photography by Canadian photographer @barefootinthenorth

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