DIY Tips from the Design Team

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Want to DIY your own bouquets, got all your florals, but nothing is looking like you want it to?

Follow these tips from the pros to get the Pinterest perfect artificial bouquet!

  1. Get yourself a pair of wire snips. Something inexpensive like these will do the trick. 
  2. Cut off all leaves below the blooms. These get in the way.
  3. Separate flowers that are attached on multiple stems. Cut as far down the stem as possible leaving yourself lots of length. 
  4. Arrange your flowers starting with 4 "anchor" flowers in the middle and work around it.  
  5. Arrange your flowers in front of a mirror and once you start - don't put them down or have someone help you tie them super tight if starting and stopping.
  6. Zip ties can come in handy to secure your bouquet. You want to go as far down the stems as possible. 
  7. Work greens in as you go depending on your look. 
  8. Use lots of variety - this is the spice of life and will help your bouquet look professional! Lots of different sized flowers and use an ombre style of colour rather than 2 different colours (ie white and purple) work in shades of white, ivory, mauve, lavendar and purple.

Still stuck? Floral design services available! Why don't you let the pros handle it! Available in Canada and the US only. 

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