DIY Faux Spring Tulip Wreath Tutorial

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You'll need a wire wreath frame, thin pliable wire, wire cutters, a string or hook to hang your wreath and most importantly some artificial TULIPS!

Step One - Gather your supplies. You’ll need a wire wreath frame, thin pliable wire, wire cutters, a string or hook to hang your wreath and most importantly, your artificial tulips!
Wire wreath and artificial tulips
Step Two - Lay out your tulips. For this project I used approximately 48 tulips and chose a range of Whites and Pinks.
white pink faux tulips
Step Three - Gather 8 tulips in a bunch and lay them on your frame, use the wire to wrap around the stems and attach them to the frame. Make sure the wire is wrapped tight and the tulips are secure.
Artificial tulips florals for less
ArtificialTulip wreath tutorial

Step Four
- Repeat step three, covering the stems and wire from the previous bunch.
Step Five - Repeat previous step following around the wire frame until you reach the first group, completing the circle.
Step Six - Look at your wreath from the front and adjust any tulips to achieve the look you desire. Turn it over and check all of the wire attachments to make sure they are tight and neat.
Back of artificial tulip wreath
Step Seven - Turn the wreath to the back and cut the stems so that you cannot see them from the front. Make sure to make clean cuts so that no wires are sticking out.
Snip tulip wreath
Step Eight - Add your string or hook to the top and hang your gorgeous wreath!
Hanging faux tulip wreath

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diy tulips tutorial

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